Welcome to the Journey

The journey through life is intensely personal one. No one can see it through another’s eyes or experience their joy or pain. Neither can you go through the portals of birth and death for any but yourself. Each one of us must face these transits alone and in our own way. All we take with us at the end is our experiences and all we leave behind is how we helped or hindered others.

To help guide us in our journey we have a vast repository of knowledge and experience buried in our innermost selves. There are many methods for accessing this inner storehouse, some are as old as Humanity itself. The Tarot is only one path among many to uncovering one’s True Self. When used correctly it is a powerful one.

As above, so below. As within, so without.Everything is connected, nothing in the Universe acts in isolation. All sentient beings are just various expressions of the Universal One experiencing itself subjectively as it plays hide and seek with its own awareness of itself..